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Joel Brown & Charlene Barry have joined forces with a billion dollar cleansing and nutrition company that is transforming people’s lives through healthy living and financial freedom.

Their coaching and materials have allowed their team members to live a life with more money, and more time to focus on the things that matter most in life.

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Isagenix Success Story

Isagenix has helped me to grow in every area of my life. When someone can take away the financial stress, it allows them to do more of what I believe most people love to do and that means to give of yourself and your time to others. I can focus on family, friends and empowering others. That’s what really lights me up. - Joni, 8 Star Golden Circle Isagenix Multi Millionaire
Lynn Hagedorn, a proud mother of three is the fastest Isagenix Millionaire in the company’s history! Living in a small town of 7,000 people in Nebraska and working full time, you would say that Lynn would find it next to impossible to find ambitious individuals to join her team. After joining Isagenix in July 2011 she maxed out her first business centre in less than a year and became an Isagenix Millionaire after just 14 months! Lynn Hagedorn, The fastest Isagenix millionaire in the company's history

Make Freedom Your Reality

Since kick-starting their Isagenix business in July 2010, these Minnesota natives have earned more than $1 million* in cumulative sales to earn the prestigious title of Isagenix Millionaires. 5-Star Executives Lori and Chris H, Isagenix® Millionaires

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A number of our team members are quitting their 9-5′s, buying houses, investing in startups etc.. as they can now afford to. The residual income grows as you and our team grows. In becoming part of our team, you will have guidance and advice at any time from our knowledge base and access to our exclusive tools that we create to help you grow in this arena.

The incredible products and the ridiculous business growth is just a bonus with this opportunity, I believe that what makes this so special is the highly motivated community of people who are all like one big “chase your dreams” family.

Not only are you making it possible for you and your friends to become wealthy, you are also helping others achieve optimal levels of health.

Healthy Weight Loss At Its Best

West Australian Isagenix Millionaires David & Irene Miller have proven that age is nothing but a number. “My very first sales manager told me, ‘If you really want to be rich and successful in life, then help other people do the same and it will happen,’” shares David. That advice has proven extremely powerful and lucrative for 8-Star Golden Circle and 5-Star Crystal Executives Irene and David Miller, since discovering Isagenix® just five short years ago. Irene & David Miller, Isagenix Millionaires

Isagenix Is Transforming Lives

I have been approached with a number of business opportunities in the past, usually I say NO. Financially I have never seen anything like this in my life. People are achieving massive success with this company everyday, and our team will be the next success story.

This company went from $305 million to a billion in the space of a few years, do you want in now, or down the road when it’s all too late?

Joel Brown (CEO & Founder of